L’oe Show – Sunday, 9/4

Another early morning, to a very, VERY long day. But this time it's for the main event- show day. Arriving to the shop, Trevor brings Romel's (@romelvw) mk8 Golf R to the rear parking lot for a quick tail light install. The Euro tinted IQ LED tails transform the entire rear end of these, and … Continue reading L’oe Show – Sunday, 9/4

Cars and Coffee Morrisville – July 2022

As I had mentioned in a previous month's post, Morrisville will always throw you something new. Probably the two coolest from this month (car wise)- were a Midnight Purple R34 GTR Vspec, and...an Autozam AZ-1. Literally anything you can think of can show up. They say never meet your heroes, but whoever said that clearly … Continue reading Cars and Coffee Morrisville – July 2022

Black Forest Technik Thursday – 6.30.22

Today I woke up at 4:00 AM- in Connecticut. I was confused initially, having one of those "where am I?" moments with my alarm making a noise I'm not used to hearing during a routine work weekday. Stumbled downstairs at my mom's house, and headed to the airport for a soul crushingly early flight home. … Continue reading Black Forest Technik Thursday – 6.30.22