As I had said in a previous month’s C&C post- July 2022 maybe(?)- there’s always something new each month. This month was JDM month, where show goers submitted their JDM (we’ll come back to the use of JDM in a bit) cars to the C&C page, and the users with the highest amount of votes (likes, in this instance) are allowed to park in the featured area at the front of the building near the entrances. In theory, a great idea- however- one thing I had noticed (as well as other attendees), was that not all these cars were JDM cars. In fact, most of them weren’t.

It seems that “JDM” was used as a replacement for “Japanese branded cars”, which isn’t entirely accurate. The former is the latter, but not vice versa. JDM cars are cars manufactured and sold in Japan. There seemed to be a plethora of “Japanese corvettes” (MKIV Supras- shout out to Attila for that one) up front, with only maybe one or two being actual JDM ones, the others being USDM. An R33 GTR was quite the looker alongside some USDM 240z’s, as well as Attila’s super spooky Nissan box truck- can’t wait to see the finished version of this!

Outside of the spotlight area up front was- ironically- probably the best JDM car there. My first time seeing one in person, and an incredibly clean example of it- a beautifully executed (JDM) TA22 Celica GTV. Bronze watanabes, a beautiful dark green, bullet fender mirrors, and period correct gusset seats with a TRD racing wheel- everything addressed and built to some seriously high quality standards. The bar is incredibly high for any future TA22’s I see- just sayin’.

Being a porsche-phile, the 959 shortly down that row of course caught my attention, nestled next to an impala SS. I’m in a weird spot with those where I respect what they are, why they were built, and what they bring to the table- but I can’t say I’d buy one (not that that’s ever going to be a problem I’ll face). Money isn’t an object? Sure, I’ll get one to just to round out what would likely be an entire compound of vintage 911’s. I’d sooner be in an F40, however.

As far as modern cars go, the dyanmic duo of speciales were up front strutting their carbon fiber wheels worth more than me as a person, alongside the striking Maserati MC20. The white on this was just unreal- HEAVY blue pearl to it. I even left one front fender photo in the gallery without my split toning I chose for the day to really see the color in light- it’s breath taking. Hats off to Maserati for building this, this is a future classic, I think. A vast improvement on the Ghiblis and Gran turismos both aesthetically and performance wise.

Another special shout out to Attila for the great company walking around and learning some interesting bits about (real) JDM cars today- he’s the man! You’ve probably seen his cappuccino in other posts (white, blue stripes), and now his black van!

Enough words, enjoy the shots!

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