Going to the regular meets and shows are always a good time- you know what to expect, no surprises, you know there’s going to be people there you enjoy talking to (or at least can stand, hopefully). Sometimes it’s nice to get out of your comfort zone a little bit, sometimes. I’m not sure this one was one of them.

As you can see based on (albeit, a beautiful one) the hot rod build parked next to me- this was a stark difference from L’oe show. I spent a solid 2 hours the night prior scrubbing my steering wheel, trim, and paint, getting months of grime off that I had put off. Not having AC really does a number on the cleanliness of your steering wheel, for the record.

The irony of the book on this table with runner up trophies to the left of it killed me. I’m writing this from the great beyond.

The great thing about organized shows are that they usually benefit a good cause- a charity, a fundraising situation of some kind, or helps out a group of people who really could use a break. Kars for kids’ main charity was the Wake Forest Optimist Club, an organization that provides children with positive service projects in their communities and help them becoming outstanding citizens. (Thank you, we really need more of those- genuinely.) In addition to the Optimist club, they were also accepting donations on behalf of the Tri-Area Ministry Food Pantry. Many local businesses and vendors had trucks or tents set up as well, with designated show/judged car parking roped off with plenty of staff directing vehicles upon entry- a very well organized event for being in a parking lot near a Burger King and Dairy Queen.

That being said, as a show- I don’t think I’ll be going back. I did see some cool cars and meet some cool people, like Cole and his bagged A4 (@ckennedy1727), Chris from Triangle Rad (@triangle_rad), Macho and Vanessa with their Pacifica and MK6 Jetta (@laguagua_mopar, @jettatoxin), and a few other folks- but it was just WAY too long of a show. 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM? That’s a full shift of work basically. They didn’t even do awards until the very end- which save for a Land Cruiser and maybe one or two other outliers, were basically all domestics- which leads me to my biggest reason for not wanting to go back- they were mostly all domestics. Not that awards really mean anything, but I’m almost positive anyone who judged the cars had no idea what they were looking at if it wasn’t made in America, or marketed as an American car. American cars really aren’t my thing (if you haven’t picked that up already), save for a few legends like the 427 Cobras (that includes the quality kit cars), GT/GT40, Yenko Camaros- the legends- the ones everyone loves. There were some incredibly clean builds, don’t get me wrong- just not my scene.

The one redeeming thing was seeing a booth for a new cat cafe opening soon in the plaza where the show was held, that had 3 kittens up for adoption sitting in crates at the table. They of course, got what little cash I had in my wallet for upkeep expenses- maybe a slice of salami as a treat if possible. Check them out if you’re local to wake forest – Frabjous Catfe, expected to open early November of this year, 2022. (@frabjouscatfe)

Along with the awesome cat booth, there was a pretty decent kebab place that Chris and I got lunch at- so all in all, definitely a solid morning/early afternoon- just a little too drawn out. Onto the next!

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