This is a very under the radar meet that is probably one of my favorites not only because of the small crowd, but how welcoming Gov’s Burger is to us as car enthusiasts. Quite frequently within the car community the actions of the few overshadow the actions of the many, through the form of takeovers and other debauchery from a certain *coughmoparcough* crowd of enthusiasts resulting in burnouts, fights, and just generally immature behavior. Looking past that, the kind owner of Gov’s Burger chooses to host these meets on Sundays- and not at the crack of dawn (!)- regardless. So a HUGE shout out to Gov’s Burger and Tap for welcoming the car community into your parking lot, and even going to the length of roping off a section of us for parking right out front! The food here is also VERY good, so it’s a 2fer going to this show!

Met a very cool dude from PA with a 2018 TT-RS (jealous), met Matthew Saliba, a fellow yankee turned North Carlolinian with a sweet olds and now a local realtor with The Prosperous Agency out of Cary, and saw Nick (fellow small car enthusiast) with his now K swapped MR2s (unfortunately didn’t get photos, will have to when he gets his new rays in/mounted/balanced!), and of course the one and only Chris from Triangle Rad. My soul feels like it melted and has left my body being out in this sun and humidity, but the sun shows how important having a proper circular polarizer is. Enjoy the pics and head out to the next Gov’s burger meet if you’re local!

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