Being a monthly meet like Cars and Coffee Morrisville, there’s a certain level of continuity- for a lack of a better word- with meets like this, and as a result, photos.

For folks like myself who find comfort in consistency, this is a welcome change from some day to day things that are wild cards. While it may seem “continuity” is synonymous with “repetitive” in this instance, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Outside of the usual “regulars”- there was a wild card tonight…a joker, one might say.
Enter- Thomas. Aka- the other Harlekin. “Did you buy Travis’ Harlekin?” “Hey I’ve seen that car before at Morrisville cars and coffee, it had different wheels though.” – All probably things Thomas has heard, or will hear, or I will hear the inverse of. That’s right- there’s now two Polo Harlekins in North Carolina!

Thomas (@thomasfilming on ig) scooped a RHD ginster base (with sunroof and front power windows- OKAY RICH) on some radical Ronal R10 Turbos. He had shot me a DM prior to purchasing and we started talking about Polos and the process of registering/owning, etc- an awesome dude to talk to- who shortly after mentioned driving up to BFT’s Thursday Meet (which I found out was about an hour and a half away- that’s dedication)

Awesome dude, and great talking and hanging out. He did some awesome stuff to his already including Hella Magic Color blue tails/corners, a votex hatch spoiler, and has some more goodies on the way! We’ll definitely need to get some rollers together- so keep your eyes peeled!

Feast your eyes on the first ever (?!) photo of two Polo Harlekins on US soil!

Oh, and a 458 speciale showed up too. And Cal enjoyed a Chipotle bowl before the meet and tried to use my DJI RSC2 gimbal. Overall, an awesome time, once again. Highly recommend anyone local to come check it out- it’s the last thursday of every month, from 6pm to whenever, right out front of Black Forest Technik.

Enjoy the circus!

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