If you’re in the VW community, chances are, you know how rare the mk3 Golf Harlequins are. If you were ever intrigued like me- you may have stumbled upon the RossVW Golf Harlequin registry– possibly the most comprehensive and complete list of mk3 Golf Harlequin owners to date, accounting for a staggering 118 of the approximately 264 produced. This registry is complete with Owner names (and some updates as they change hands), base colors, transmission (as offered from the factory), steering wheel style, production date, and seperate comments from the owners with a picture.

Now obviously- the Golf Harlequin is a needle in a haystack compared to the Polo Harlekin. 264 vs 3806(ish) is an exponential difference. The Polo Harlekins might as well be Ford Taurus’ compared to the Golfs- production wise. As anyone who’s lived somewhere where there’s snow (CT born and raised here), production numbers vs those surviving can dwindle FAST. So this lead me to an idea I had at Morrisville Cars and Coffee a few months ago where I figured I’d just be the one to do it.

Enter- http://www.poloharlekin.com – the unofficial Polo Harlekin registry. This is a passion project I put together late one night- the night of that cars and coffee, actually- after finding out poloharlekin.com was somehow not taken. This website will be run by me for the time being, with a similar set up to the RossVW one but with a bit more of a blog like set up, given the volume of the cars produced. I’m certain a significant number of Polo Harlekins have been lost to rust and rot as the fate of most mid 90’s econoboxes, as well as them being taken for granted with the number of them that were produced.

My goal here is one thing and one thing only- provide the most comprehensive, up to date, and complete registry of Polo Harlekins on the road- or not- to date.

If you’re one of the lucky few – about 13 or 14, if I’ve been keeping an accurate count (as of 5.30.22) in the US, please shoot me an email via the contact form on the website when it goes live. Due to ICANN regulations as I’ve updated my information on my domain website and purchased the domain, there’s a 60 day wait period from the time of purchase – so June 1st, 2022 will be the day it’s able to go live.

This of course won’t be restricted to just the US Polo Harlekins- this is meant to be a global project. If you’re unable to fill out the form in english, do your best in your native language and I will use google translate or some third party software to get it as accurate as possible.

Below are some teaser screenshots as I can’t transfer the domain to go live just yet- I’ve added mine (of course) as the first post for some structure/content on go-live for anyone curious. I’ve also been brainstorming on some cool ideas for the future- stay tuned for more and if you’d like to support or donate in any way, the best way would be purchasing something from the store- all funds will be used to keep both this and the registry going- or just share links as much as you can to get the word out. Let’s get as close to 3806 as we can!

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