Today I woke up at 4:00 AM- in Connecticut. I was confused initially, having one of those “where am I?” moments with my alarm making a noise I’m not used to hearing during a routine work weekday. Stumbled downstairs at my mom’s house, and headed to the airport for a soul crushingly early flight home. After a few days back home in CT filled with great friends, the best pizza (in the nation, at least- no contest), and some refreshingly mild weather, I headed back to the great state of Swass.

BFT Thursdays are one of those meets that I always make a point to make it to- if not for the free pizza, the awesome people. You’ll notice I emphasize this usually with every post pertaining to BFI/BFT, and for good reason. This pair is a bastion protecting the purity and community of the VW community that I grew to know and love and was used to. No- this isn’t a sponsored post (I wish, I know for a fact not enough people click this link for that to happen), this is just me appreciating genuine people.

Genuine people also attract genuine talent. Albeit through digital arts (photography, videography, graphic design, website design, etc) or through personal expression in their own build(s). I’ll never get sick of seeing Jenni’s Polo “Scot” edition, Morgan’s Mk2, various super clean mk1 rabbit pickup builds, or the occasional newer Audi on very OEM+ mods.

At the end of the day, tough, it’s not the cars. It’s always about the people.

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