As I had mentioned in a previous month’s post, Morrisville will always throw you something new. Probably the two coolest from this month (car wise)- were a Midnight Purple R34 GTR Vspec, and…an Autozam AZ-1. Literally anything you can think of can show up.

They say never meet your heroes, but whoever said that clearly never saw an R34 GTR, especially in MNP3. This color…jesus. It’s like the JDM version of Mystichrome. Blue in the sun, purple in the shade, and a few other colors in between. Couple that with the cult classic R34 and it’s a legend on four wheels. Shout out to Dave at Car Space for bringing out this combustion powered piece of unobtanium.

The Autozam on the other hand was only made large by people near it- an adult power wheel. IT’S PERFECT. This particular one was in awesome shape and was my first time seeing one in person- definitely top 3 favorite Kei car now for sure.

Honorable 1st place in the “other” category was an absolutely perfect Ducati cafe racer- not sure on the base model it was built on. The bike bug has been brewing within me for the last two years or so, fueled almost entirely on cafe racer builds and Triumph Bonnevilles (this means you’ll see me on a Bonneville within the next year). This had the iconic Martini & Rossi striped livery and a wristwatch sized clock adorned between the bars (with a tragic loss of it’s second hand). If anyone knows the owner, please have them reach out- would love to find more info on this/shoot it in it’s entirety.

There’s of course many others worth mentioning, but it’s not like they wont be back next month!

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