Eventually these probably won’t get posted- as it’s a monthly event occurring likely until the human species goes extinct- however, for now they will be. Each month, there always seems to be something new and exciting. And I mean, at the end of the day, who hates seeing a Carrera GT? (One that me and my friends managed to walk right by when looking for it, go figure.)

It’s tough to classify this as a meet anymore- the bomb italian ice truck, breakfast burrito truck, rotating classic car insurance vendors, detailing businesses, and much more- on top of the sheer size. You could tell me t his was a car show with no awards or judging, and I’d say its one of the biggest shows I’ve ever been to.

Notably interesting attraction this go around- apologies if it’s an oversight on my part- was NC State’s FSAE team showing off their in-house (student) built car featuring in-house hand laid carbon fiber panels, space frame chassis, electronics- everything. Truly impressive stuff, and had some awesome conversations with one of the fellas there about their EV program as well.

If I could change one thing- I think I would ask for more bikes. That’s been a new bug in my ear and a hard to shake one- especially after Top Gun: Maverick (Top 3 movie of all time, go see it in a Dolby surround sound cinema). A Ducati Monster 1200s was just…sitting there, parked next to a curb. Strikingly simple but beautiful. Marchesini wheels, Ohlins, Italian origin, red…what’s not to love? A true lady in red.

Another that stopped me dead in my tracks in the midst of our unsuccessful Carrera GT hunt was an incredibly clean Volvo 122s on Epsilon southern ways, with an incredibly photogenic engine bay. This one really might’ve been one of my favorites there- I wish I had stopped to get more shots.

But also on that note- I’m glad I didn’t shoot as much as I normally do. Make a hobby a hobby, not an obligation. More on that later, maybe that one gets it’s own post. Until then- enjoy the shots.

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