When I had first gotten the polo one of the very first meets I took it to was an evening one in the Northeast end of Raleigh. I hadn’t known anyone there, and went based off something I had seen posted on Facebook just looking for somewhere to go and have an excuse to take the polo out.

Hilariously enough, at the tail end of the meet a black Camaro (or Charger- but for this story it doesn’t make a difference really) came in (quite hastily) and backed into a spot. Shortly after, the cops came in looking for – you guessed it- a black muscle car. So needless to say, after this instance, the lot owner was a little skeptical about hosting meets.

Of course, it’s difficult to control what the single celled organisms who ruin car meets do- and there’s always going to be some- but luckily, this meet was one organized with a strong intent to avoid the paleolithic behavior that comes with a 29% APR financed muscle car.

The crowd- as it was in the Lowkeyaf meet- was diverse. Much smaller volume wise, but everything from a weebed out CTR to what looked like a sub 9 second A59 Supra. Notable mentions were the pristine two-tone 190e parked next to me for a short while, an incredibly clean GTO, an early american with gorgeous patina and a wild Holley carb setup, and a very, very clean Grand National (who had previously attended the Triangle Rad meets).

Always awesome seeing regular folks at meets like these, and just hanging out and talking for a bit to break up the monotony of the work week and day-to-day. Spoke with a very cool miata couple (NA – his, ND – hers) about the polo, regarding the origin and what’s behind it- and that’s always a great time. This car is a lot of things- fast is not one of them (yet)- one of the strongest characteristics from the list being a conversation piece.

Naturally, as the sun went down (and as the official meet ended), so did the average IQ of the attendees. More and more crowd killers (mustangs) and Mopars came out of the woodworks, with a pair of “Buy now, pay later” lot Z4’s doing obnoxious revving and burnouts, with a few VQs doing launches in parking lot rows between parked cars and people. That was my que to leave- an awesome night regardless, and special shout out to Justin Anderson to moderating the whole meet and being on top of folks!

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