Morrisville cars and coffee is without a doubt, my monthly “light at the end of the tunnel” event. With the dread of the humid- quite frankly, satanic- hot summer weather coming (and no AC in the Harlekin), comes with gorgeous cars. Not to say that some insane stuff doesn’t show up when the driving conditions are less than ideal (Seeing Jeff Zwart’s Pike’s Peak 935 on slicks show up on a 30*F morning comes to mind) but it certainly plays a role.

This year- and this may have happened last year, and I had no known (as a disclaimer)- there have been featured brands, regions, or styles. Lucky for me- May is Porsche month. Spoiler alert- a GT4RS showed up. Yeah, I couldn’t hold that one in any longer.

Met up with Morgan at the BFT tent shortly after arriving to hang for a bit, then did a lap- quickly arriving to the GT4RS.

Without (obviously) having the opportunity to drive or sit in the GT4RS, I can speak only on aesthetics regarding it, but I have nothing but praise. Really. I mean, my only qualm is not having a manual option. This isn’t something new with RS models, with the 997 being the last generation offered in a manual (not to say that couldn’t change in the future- hopeless optimism, perhaps). The aero, the vented fenders, seats, dash- everything is just a perfected version of the GT4 (an already exceptional drivers car – with a manual).

After the first lap met up with a new photography buddy, Cal (@the99sloth) and did a long loop and snagged some shaved ice (Mango, very good/refreshing, 10/10)

Some other notable sights were a Rubystone Red M2c (wrap I believe, still looked wonderful none the less), an M4 GTS, the cleanest interlagos blue E46 M3 I’ve ever seen in my life, a Green 911T (not Irish Green, maybe Conda? not sure), a gorgeous pair of 356’s, 991 GT3RS’, the modern classic that is the 991 GT3, and an insane 1400hp 996 GT2. Yes- a widowmaker to the power of almost three. The power of about 21 Polo Harlekins. God I need to get this swap going.

Anyway! Enjoy the photos! Till next month!

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