One thing I can confidently say about car meets- they don’t make em like they used to. Not so much the quality of the cars (that’s definitely a problem in and of itself, but a different topic) but the quality of people. Meets are plagued with destroyed cars doing burnouts and donuts in parking lots, ruining good locations for the many due to the actions of one (single celled organism behind the wheel of a 392 scat pack, probably).

Luckily- we have awesome folks like Chris who organize meets with unique cars, quality people and awesome themes. Enter: Triangle Rad. Every season or so- give or take a few months here and there- Chris organizes meets with awesome prizes (for an example, raddest outfits won a DVD – The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Season 2 – a matching rad, random prize).

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of shots- arrived a little late and was hanging out with some awesome folks- however, there was an exceptional presence of NSX’s as the southeast chapter of the NSX club of America attended. There was a total of- and I shit you notsixty fucking seven NSX’s. Yes. 67. Talk about humbling. Ross Nieber (who has awesome taste in cars, referencing our convo regarding his wanting to purchase a acquaintance’s B3 Passat wagon with a Harlequin paint job) brought out his extra rad wall blocks made from rad era hubcaps to tie it all together. Also shout out to Duncan for letting me have my first RHD experience in a twin turbo legacy, and letting me blast the Top Gun cassette from the Polo while doing it- these are the experiences you can expect at Triangle Rad events!

Next time I’ll have to be better about pictures (Sorry Chris) but enjoy the few I did have, and check out Triangle Rad if you’re in the area for sure!

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