Well, I was absolutely terrible about keeping up with this. Lots of things have changed since the last post- that’s for sure. Instead of dwelling on the past- let’s focus on the present (which- ironically- was my intention creating this blog in the first place).

I’m back at that crossroads of trying to find passion in hobbies again. I had originally sold my old M235i for a car that was out of necessity- a 2016 VW GLI (mk6.5).

It sucked, a lot. Compared to the M235i anyway- which isn’t a fair comparison, I know- but I can’t help but make it. Fast forward to this year, with the crazy COVID tax on almost all cars, and I finally found an out and got rid of it.

I was cross shopping EVERYTHING. Fellow car enthusiasts know my struggle. The higher the budget, the worst it gets. I was originally looking at 997 911’s, E39 M5’s, F80 M4’s, RS3’s- none of them could get where I wanted price wise. COVID tax has struck even enthusiast models. It sucks.

Enter- the Polo Harlekin.

Lots more to come on this bad Larry. It’s going to get it’s own post tomorrow, actually.

TLDR; celexa is great, but have you ever owned a harlequin? (Damn that’s a good title for the next post)

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