Good food, good beer, and great friends are the components for a refreshing weekend away from reality, every single time. Usually when life hits you with something hard, it comes in threes- as I’ve noticed throughout the past few years. Getaways like this- mental resets if you will- help one maintain their sanity throughout the intensity of day to day life and its trials and tribulations.


SO. Much. Copper. Seriously though- I think 90% of the construction budget was for copper in this place. The amount of attention to detail is nuts. You don’t even have to appreciate architecture to notice or respect it, just take a look around.


Oh- yeah- and the beer! Naturally, the beer is something to behold as well. In addition to the brewery itself (with a built in museum of sorts), there’s a dining area off to the left of the front entrance that serves some absolutely delicious food (duck fat fried french fries being one of my favorites).


The museum portion of the compound is open to the public and anyone who comes to visit can walk through – while they also offer a private tour with tastings, that needs to be booked a little while in advance. We opted for the public route, which still leaves much to behold.


These were also all taken on my new 35mm Summilux ASPH FLE- more on that coming soon. But for a TLDR: it’s the cat’s pajamas and so much more. The best 35mm lens I’ve ever used, period.

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