Old love never rusts, only brasses.

This is somewhat relevant to the "Leica bug" post. A kind of "one that got away" post. Ever since I got my first M3, the Leica bug has kept its jaw clenched tightly on my throat and only lightened it's grip to clamp down harder later on. Back and forth between systems I've gone, trying … Continue reading Old love never rusts, only brasses.

The “Leica bug”

Ah, the "Leica bug". Leica Bug [n] An advanced form of G.A.S. that narrowly focuses on Leica products ([usually]specifically that of the M line) that accompanies a deep sense of disappointment when shooting (most) other camera systems following contracting this irreversible affliction. See also: "poverty"   Nah, that's not Webster's definition- that's mine. I remember … Continue reading The “Leica bug”