This is a kind-of “latergram” type post of the first time I developed my own roll of film.  Truth be told, I forget what I used for developer, fixer, etc. What’s rad is I was at least successful in what I did do. Had the pleasure of hanging out with my friends Dan, David, and Justin (founder of TAP&DYE, maker of the best camera straps money can buy) in NYC for the day for this roll, and had an absolute blast walking around shooting with them. We had a great time talking cameras, visiting the photo village (a form of heaven on earth for Leica enthusiasts [see also: “addicts” or “junkies”]) and eating some great food. 10/10 would do again.

Following are more or less straight off the roll with contrast, exposure, and curves being added whilst scanning. All on an M3 SS + 50mm F/2.0 Summicron dual range (DR). Enjoy amigo/as.



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